Hello! Pull up a chair and pour yourself a cup of tea.

My name is Natasha and I am a self proclaimed junkie. Of books. The ā€˜to-be-readā€™ pile by my bed is threatening to burst through the ceiling into theĀ living roomĀ below. I deliberately get an early train to work so I can sit in a cafe by the station and read with a coffee for 20 minutes before I start work.

I am a mum of two and a television editor. I have found myself editing severalĀ documentaries recentlyĀ aboutĀ literature, including Being the Bronteā€™s for BBC2, A Very British Romance and A Very British Murder both with Lucy Worsley, and I have just finished Andrew Marrā€™s Paperback Rules on crime fiction.Ā This has only strengthened my bookworm tendencies.

Iā€™m not particularly intellectual about the books I choose, but I do like them to be well-written and carefully edited. Not over-long or full of errors. IĀ can happily read a throw-away suspense novel oneĀ weekĀ and a classic of English literature the next.

Here is where I am going to keep a diary of sorts of all the books that I read and share my favouritesĀ and not-so favourites with you. I do hope youā€™ll come back from time to time to see what Iā€™ve been reading.

You can contact me here.